mulheres na coleção mar

museu de arte do rio, rio de janeiro, brasil
17.11.2018 - 7.4.2019

Inspired by the Festival Mulheres do Mundo (Women of the World), of which MAR is a strategic partner, Mulheres na Coleção Mar presents a cut of works by historical and contemporary Brazilian and foreign artists that integrates the museum collection. The curatorship is signed by the content team and, for the first time in the history of the MAR, was carried out through a collective process involving women from all sectors of the institution. Around 30 employees and collaborators - among security guards, receptionists, producers, administrative assistants, lawyers, journalists, designers - participated in laboratories in which they exchanged life experiences and talked about the feminine universe and the multiple representations of women in art, cultural spaces , in the family and in society as a whole. The meetings mapped out desires and concepts that ultimately guided the curatorship of the exhibition, resulting in six significant nuclei: Portrait / Representation, Political Body, Transverse Geography, City and Landscape, Abstraction and Poetics.

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