elian almeida on vogue brazil

Conceição Evaristo, Carolina Maria de Jesus, Beatriz Nascimento, Maria Auxiliadora da Silva e Djamila Ribeiro (Vogue Brasil), 2022, Foto: Rafael Salim

On the occasion of the Week of Modern Art centennial, an event that sought to break with aesthetics and cultural norms of the time and marked the beginning of Brazilian modernism, Vogue Brasil invited the artist Elian Almeida to illustrate the cover of its February issue.

In this new work, created especially for the occasion, Elian Almeida reformulated an iconic photograph of the time. Originally portraying intellectuals such as Manuel Bandeira, Graça Aranha, Oswald de Andrade and other figures who led the movement, Almeida’s composition replaces the dominantly male and elite subjects.

One hundred years later, Elian proposes a national aesthetic and cultural revolution composed of black intellectuals and artists, portraying: Conceição Evaristo, Carolina Maria de JesusBeatriz NascimentoMaria Auxiliadora da Silva, and Djamila Ribeiro.


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