lugar comum, feira de são joaquim, salvador, brasil
14.5 - 14.8.2022

Lugar Comum gallery, Vik Muniz's project located at the São Joaquim Fair in Salvador, Bahia, presents Planetário [Planetarium], a new installation Artur Lescher. 

For the occasion, Lescher developted an installation composed of five pendulums made from mirrorballs of different sizes positioned in the space which is covered by mirrors. In the space several light sources shine and reflect on the structures, forming a constellation. The movement generated by the pendulums combined with the lighting and mirroring of the environment aims to cause a surprising visual effect.

According to Lescher, "the mirrored globes are very simple and accessible while having a sophistication in their use. In the same way, the São Joaquim fair has something that is very easy, simple and accessible, but contains a great sophistication in the simplicity of the spices and products that you can find there."