metamorphoses – let everything happen to you

castello di rivoli museo d'arte contemporanea, turin, italy
5.3 - 24.6.2018
Metamorphoses – Let Everything Happen to You, curated by Chus Martínez for the Manica Lunga of Castello di Rivoli, explores the concept of transformation and flourishing through the works of nine emerging international artists. Made up of immersive environmental installations, sculptures, performances, videos, paintings and drawings, the works on display reflects on the relationship between human beings and nature in the contemporary digitized and globalized world. For the artists in this exhibition, metamorphosis can mean not merely change but transition, departure from the "self", movement that coincides with nature, whose presence, interwoven with sound, conjures up another dimension. 
Participating artists: Alexa Karolinski/Ingo Niermann; Ania Soliman; Eduardo Navarro; Ingela Ihrman; Lin May Saeed; Mathilde Rosier; Nicanor Aráoz; and Reto Pulser.
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