Galeria Nara Roesler is pleased to present Asterismos (Asterisms), a presentation of Artur Lescher’s latest works and an iteration of a presentation at Mexico’s OMR Gallery. The show’s title, Asterisms means a prominent pattern or set of stars which, as seen from the Earth, are reminiscent of recognizable geometric shapes or figures. Unlike constellations, however, the term is not officially recognized by the scientific community. The exhibition, composed of fourteen sculptures and one installation, converts the the gallery into a new cosmic space, which when inspired by the notion of “asterism,” becomes indecipherable and undefinable by science.

Besides the levity imparted by his earlier metal and wood pieces, Lescher’s newest series explores transparency by using multifilament wires in some of the sculptures, but mostly in the installation specially designed for the gallery space. Since the beginning of his career, at age 22, Lescher has highlighted his interest in ideas of synthesis, tension and instability when it comes to shapes and space as a means of constructing uncommon landscapes.

The fusion of various geometric shapes, cylinders and cones built from tin, multifilament wire and stainless steel, the installation dissolves the nuances in each element as it forges something that isn’t restrained to the canons of geometry and architecture. According to Lescher, the materials are forces unto themselves, with their own inclinations and potencies, which convere with each other and the surrounding space.
The exhibition at Galeria Nara Roesler | São Paulo will feature a text by Juliano Pessanha, a guest author for Flip 2018 and the winner of the APCA prize for his book Testemunho Transiente (Transient Testimony, Cosac Naify, 2015).


Exhibition Views

artur lescher: asterismos -- vista da exposição/exhibition view -- galeria nara roesler | são paulo -- foto/photo © Everton Ballardin cortesia do artista e/courtesy of the artist and galeria nara roesler


  • artur lescher and the ethics of constructive geometry Download

    artur lescher and the ethics of constructive geometry

    Claudia Fazzolari, ArtNexus 11.9.2018

Critical Essays

  • a poetics of height

    juliano garcia pessanha
    While weight enjoys the privileges of realism and has the hardness of life on its side, lightness seems to be of a lesser and paradoxical quality. Isn’t a visionary he who seeks to break loose from the force of gravity? How does one dare to hang in suspension when everything seeks support, and how can one proclaim the truths of levitation when everyone points to falling as our final destiny? In the unending debate between weight and lightness and between the idleness of support and the tenseness of suspension, Asterismos [Asterisms], by Artur Lescher, responds with the victory of lightness and the ascensional. Most of the objects included in the installation, despite possessing great mass, float like mathematical yogis and levitating entities. The pieces composed of tensioned wires are shot through by light and by the atmosphere of the surrounding space; some have an identifiable base on the wall or floor, as is the case of the Borromean knot-shaped piece with myriad wires rising up from its basis...