Vik Muniz – Van Gogh in dahlia's

Vincent van GoghHuis, Zundert, The Netherlands
1 - 16.9.2018

Vik Muniz comes to Zundert at the end of August 2018 for the creation of an enormous artwork after Van Gogh. His team, together with the help of a team of volunteers of the Van GoghHuis and the flower parade, will construct a tableau made of dahlias of more than 100 m² in the garden of the Van GoghHuis, inspired on Van Gogh’s last painting of a pair of shoes (A Pair of Shoes, 1888). The tableau will be made preceding the annual flower parade. Muniz will photograph his work from above, and these photographs will be presented during the tenth anniversary of the Van GoghHuis on Wednesday 12th September. An edition of 25 signed photo prints will then be sold for the benefit of the Van GoghHuis. The photo prints will also be added to the exhibition After Van Gogh, which will be on view up to 6th January 2019, next to works of art by Suat Ogüt, Matthew Day Jackson, Raul Ortega Ayala, Niek Hendrix and Stijn Peeters there will also be photos by Muniz after Van Gogh’s Irises and Vase with sunflowers.