3rd beijing photo biennial - confusing public and private

central academy of fine arts (CAFA Art Museum), beijing, china
28.9 - 28.11.2018

As a new form of technology, medium and application, photography has been associated with issues concerning the public vs. the private since the day it was invented. From the inherently private practices of shooting and viewing in public spaces in the early days of photography to the democratization of image in today’s world of camera phones, mobile web and social media, and to the constantly evolving visualization of data in contemporary art, photography has become an important medium that extends to, interferes with, participates in and helps construct public and private lives to an ever-increasing degree. Eventually, with the large-scale interference of photography, public and private spaces are reconstructed, so are the boundaries between the individual and the community and the definitions of the self and others. During these metamorphoses, photography becomes intertwined and resonates in new ways with a variety of important factors such as history, reality, religion, philosophy, civilization, war, science & technology, politics and human emotions. As a medium or a bridge between different worlds, its performance unfolds in both the public sphere and the private sphere. The exhibition revolves around the complex coexistence of the social, public and private characteristics of photography—a broad, multidisciplinary field—and explores its role and significance in the tension between the public and the private.


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