dhaka art summit 2020

bangladesh shilpakala academy, dhaka, bangladesh
7 - 15.2.2020

Antonio Dias is part of Dhaka Art Summit 2020: Seismic Movements, which will take place from February 7 to 15, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, alongside other Brazilian artists such as Jonathas de Andrade, Vivian Caccuri and Lucas Arruda.

Curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt, the exhibition will include six Dias' works on Nepalese paper. Back in 1977, Dias lived for an intense period of five months near the Tibetan border with Nepali artisans, where he learned and adapted their traditional paper-making process. With these papers Dias created works for at least a decade, layering further life experience into these remarkable collaborative surfaces that carry traces of experimentation, invention, and reinvention. 

Dhaka Art Summit 2020: Seismic Movements is inspired by the geological reading of the word ‘summit’ as the top of a mountain and seismic movements that do not adhere to statist or nationalist frameworks and is about shaking up our understanding of the present and the past, creating opportunities to come together and make and write (art) history from new perspectives, trying to give a voice to the people who are not in the most dominant positions to be heard.

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Image: Antonio Dias, The Illustration of Art/ Tool & Work, 1977.