Feiras de Arte | Nara Roesler

  • sp-arte/foto


    stand b5 23 - 26.8.2018 Website Preview
  • art basel

    art basel

    paul ramirez jonas - unlimited sector - booth U69 14 - 18.6.2018 For the Unlimited, Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the classical art-show stand, Galeria Nara Roesler is proud to present "Alternative Facts", a participatory work by Paul Ramirez Jonas that investigates truth as a social contract. Website Preview
  • art basel

    art basel

    paulo bruscky -- feature sector -- booth C5 14 - 18.6.2018 Paulo Bruscky’s body of work encompasses approaches ranging from urban interventions that challenge the role of art under the Brazilian military dictatorship (1964 – 1985) to experiments with communication, reproduction, and medical technologies. At Art Basel 2018, Galeria Nara Roesler presents the artist’s archival collection of mail artworks, which document the artist’s correspondence with Fluxus artists in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, as well as a selection of visual poems created during those decades, and eight films documenting actions carried out during the military regime in Brazil. Website Preview
  • arte ba 2018

    arte ba 2018

    stand SH6 24 - 27.5.2018 Galeria Nara Roesler presents Eduardo Navarro’s solo project Letters to Earth, for which he produced 100 life-size bronze walnut shells containing real nutmeat inside. The project seeks to extend the life of the nut, creating a veritable time capsule. Beyond casting the shells in bronze, the process entails encasing the nutmeat in a heatproof plaster before it can be placed inside the bronze shells. Both half of the shells are then welded together, Website Preview
  • frieze new york

    frieze new york

    booth A26 3.5 - 6.4.2018 Arthur Lescher’s hanging sculpture are central to our Frieze 2018 booth, which will dialogue with the Progressive Reliefs by Abraham Palatnik, hung on the surrounding walls. Lescher’s sculptural pieces are notable not only for their texture and unadorned materials (typically wood and metal), but also for precisely calculated regular shapes, which often imbue reflective surfaces with the power to structure the site they occupy. Lecher’s mathematical arrangement is echoed in the geometric vibrations present in Palatnik’s works. Through the sequential arrangement of cardboard cut to form sinuous rhythms, the "Progressive Reliefs" challenge the viewer’s perception of space, as light permeates the interstices between cardboards and enhances the optical effect caused by the displacement of material in the direction of movement. The vertical presentation of Lescher’s sculptures is complemented by the horizontal display of Palatnik’s reliefs, highlighting how both artists employ geometric drawing as a means to guide the viewer towards a careful observation and awareness of his or her surroundings. Website Preview
  • frieze new york 2017

    frieze new york 2017

    booth A1 5 - 7.5.2017 Preview
  • sp-arte/2017


    stand G1 6 - 9.4.2017 Preview
  • art basel hong kong 2017

    art basel hong kong 2017

    booth 3C21 23 - 25.3.2017 Website Preview
  • the armory show 2017

    the armory show 2017

    stand 904 2 - 5.3.2017 Website Preview
  • arco madrid 2017

    arco madrid 2017

    stand 7A02 22 - 26.2.2017 Preview
  • artrio carioca 2016

    artrio carioca 2016

    stand g17 9 - 11.12.2016 Website
  • art basel miami beach

    art basel miami beach

    booth b12 1 - 4.12.2016 Website
  • artrio 2016

    artrio 2016

    armazém 3 / stand d1 29.9 - 2.10.2016 Website Preview
  • frieze new york

    frieze new york

    booth c53 5 - 8.5.2016 Website Preview
  • sp arte 2016

    sp arte 2016

    booth g1 7 - 10.4.2016 Website Preview
  • parc


    solo project 25 - 28.4.2013 Website
  • zonamaco


    solo project 10 - 14.4.2013 Website